To protect patients, visitors and employees in the event of an actual evacuation;

  • Evacuation is REQUIRED when the fire alarm sounds.
  • Evacuation will not be required in other situations unless directed by your facility manager. Patients and personnel who are in immediate danger should be moved to the nearest safe place on the floor.
  • In case of evacuation because of fire, DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.

If the fire alarm sounds or you are otherwise notified to evacuate the building, exit via the stairwells. Exit at Floor 1 and rendezvous with your employees in a remote location. Ensure all employees and visitors are accounted for. Tenants should have a predetermined designated meeting place outside of the building.

Tenants having employees or patients with any mobility impairments must develop an evacuation policy prior to any need for evacuation. It is necessary for Tenants to notify Building Management of any mobility-impaired employees that may require special assistance in the event of an evacuation and confirm that an evacuation plan has been developed.

A floor warden is assigned to each floor of the building to support tenants and visitors during evacuations and other emergency situations. Floor wardens are trained volunteers and are identifiable by their orange vests. In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions of the floor warden.